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Save a Tree, Build Your Brand: Pregis-Designed, Earth Day-Approved

When the first Earth Day was held in 1970, few could have imagined being able to buy just about anything from the comfort of their couch and then have it delivered directly to their door – fast, safe and secure.

While the retail landscape has shifted seismically in the five ensuing decades, the message of Earth Day endures through consumers who factor corporate sustainability into everyday purchasing decisions.

That’s why many shippers are seeking ecofriendly packaging solutions that minimize impact on products – and the environment.


Sustainability and Safe Delivery

As demand for recycled protective packaging materials has increased, it’s important to note the availability of 100% recycled paper. These papers are both curbside recyclable in a majority of municipalities and biodegradable – so even when discarded, they don’t harm the environment.

Although consumers are driving the shift to sustainability, they still expect their packages to arrive in pristine condition. According to a study conducted by Package Insight, 80 percent of consumer participants ranked product protection as the “most important” characteristic of packaging materials used to ship items to their final destination (as compared to sustainability and ease of product removal). So, while sustainability is increasingly important, protection is key.

Proper packaging not only promotes brand loyalty, it also helps avoid the high cost of wasted damaged products and additional shipping and fulfillment expenses. Damaged items that must be disposed of in a landfill are actually far more harmful to the environment – and your bottom line.


Proof of Impact

Environmentally conscious organizations have a real advantage over their competitors. According to Nielsen, 66 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, and that figure jumps to 73 percent for millennials.

Switching to ecofriendly packaging materials is the first step to gaining an edge. Demonstrating your commitment is the next one. Easypack systems, available from Pregis, make it easy for shippers to show how their commitment to sustainable packaging is benefiting the environment.

Pregis empowers its clients with a certificate to show off just how many trees are saved each year thanks to the client’s use of recycled paper. In fact, Pregis customers have saved more than 100,000 trees using Easypack paper products.


To date, Pregis customers have saved more than 100,000 trees using Easypack paper products.


Options for Every Shipper

Easypack Packmaster Pro and Packmate Pro on-demand paper cushioning systems take just 30 seconds or less to load. They’re easy to use and safe for operators, while offering superior cushioning properties to keep goods safe during transit. Packmaster Pro produces durable paper pads ideal for shipping heavy or valuable items, and Packmate Pro produces narrow paper cushioning pads perfect for shipping light- to medium-weight products. Both systems use single- or multi-ply paper and rarely jam, maximizing uptime and providing a winning combination for shippers and their customers!

In the five decades since the first Earth Day, environmentally conscious consumers have increasingly rewarded companies that try to make every day Earth Day. Pregis’ Easypack systems provide your organization with a way to do just that while earning some bragging rights by saving trees and making a positive impact. 


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