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Is it Insta-Worthy?

Most of us have done it. Famished and excited to eat, we’ve stared down at a plate of piping-hot food, noticed the perfect presentation and deemed it a meal fit for two destinations – our bellies and our Instagram accounts. Some things are just too good not to share, and now there’s a name for that: Insta-worthy.

With the growth of eCommerce and the resulting shift to in-home experiences, online retailers have an amazing opportunity to wow customers with product presentation, and social media is playing a big part – especially for CPG brand owners and well-known eCommerce retailers. Through branded content, such as photo and video ads, and user-generated content, such as product photos from customers who have just unboxed their orders, social media sites are playing a major role in purchasing decisions.

According to Forbes, 72 percent of Instagram and Pinterest users say they have ordered fashion, beauty or style-related products after seeing the items on Instagram. Similarly, 72 percent of Pinterest’s users say the website inspires them to shop even if they are not looking for something specific, and 90 percent say Pinterest helps them decide which products to buy, Forbes reported. In addition, for many younger consumers, how a product will look in their social media feed is a key factor in whether they buy it.


Memorable – and Shareable – Unboxing Experiences

For many retailers, there are fewer occasions to connect with consumers in brick-and-mortar stores, but more opportunities to reach them online and to create memorable moments in their homes. To capture their attention, delight and keep them coming back for more, there are three keys in creating the kind of unboxing experience that consumers will want to share with the world.

Be creative.

A splash of color or a creative package design can make your parcel stand out from the rest and enhance the unboxing experience. Packaging materials such as polybags, mailers can be customised with a brand’s color scheme, logo and marketing messaging. 

Pay attention to the details.

According to the white paper How Damaged Product Impacts Your Profitability, an overwhelming 73 percent of respondents indicated they would be unlikely to purchase from a company again after receiving a damaged item. Over time, that adds up to innumerable missed opportunities for a satisfied customer to generate social-media buzz through unboxing experiences. And to make matters worse, they may even post a photo of the damaged product to illustrate their disappointment.

Consider the environment.

According to a recent Nielson survey, 81 percent of global consumers say it’s extremely important or very important for companies to adopt environmentally friendly business practices, and packaging materials are one component of that. Using a right-sized box that fits snugly around the product cuts down on cardboard and void-fill. In addition, there are green options for packaging such as Pregis’ on-demand paper packaging systems, which use 100 percent recycled and recyclable paper.

Packaging materials with a splash of color are not only unexpected, but they become an extension of the product itself and elevate the experience for a more Insta-worthy unboxing moment.


From Memorable Moments to Shareable Stories

Creating memorable moments for your customers is about much more than social media influencers and counting likes and shares – it’s about establishing a connection with your brand and selecting the proper packaging that creates excitement, differentiates from competitors and does its job of protecting the product inside.

So the next time you make a decision on protective packaging, ask yourself, “Am I helping to create a memorable experience for customers?” Then you could snap a photo and upload it to Instagram. Your followers should be eager to help you decide.