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The easy way to integrate eco-friendly packaging into conveyor systems

Any business with a conveyor system will know how vital it is to achieving and maintaining warehouse efficiency. Factory automation solutions are designed to keep goods moving, minimise intervention and keep costs to a minimum.

Most conveyor systems are designed around customer needs and will usually be specific to particular types of products or materials. They might also be integrated with packaging systems, weighing systems, or monitoring technology. With such attention to detail in the design of your automated fulfilment system, how easy is it therefore to integrate an eco-friendly packaging solution into an established conveyor system without compromising efficiencies?

Eco-friendly solutions designed for conveyor systems

The first thing to know is that integrating a sustainable packaging solution into your conveyor system is easy and usually requires minimum interruption.

Pregis engineers design and build packaging solutions for brands worldwide, which not only work stand-alone, but they are designed to fit seamlessly into any type of automated conveyor system. Plus, as the manufacturer, we can also modify any one of our systems so that it integrates perfectly to suit customer needs.


Customer favourites for conveyor systems

At Pregis, we design all of our solutions ergonomically so that users can work comfortably and safely. What’s more, as well as delivering sustainable packaging at high speeds, our flexible solutions can be placed anywhere along your conveyor line for total convenience.

Among our most popular integrated solutions for conveyor systems are:

On Demand, On Line Paper Void Fill                                                                               

The Packmaster Pro and Packmate Pro are among the fastest and most powerful void-fill solutions on the market. These compact systems convert multiple grades of single or twin-ply 100% recycled paper into robust paper cushions that are up to 80 times the original volume and are perfect for on-demand packaging on conveyor lines as they can deliver packing direct on to the conveyor line or into an easy-access collection hopper.

Free-wheeling, Flexible On Line Packaging

The Quantum is a slimline, flexible void-fill packaging system which can be clamped directly on to your conveyor line or wheeled freely to any chosen point of use for continuous high-speed packing.  Producing up to 1.8 metres of 100% recycled paper packaging per second, the Quantum XT allows users to pack high volumes of goods for greater lengths of time.

Seamless Automated Bagging

Bagging goods online doesn’t get any simpler than with our Sharp® automated systems. From semi-automatic to a completely integrated solution, you can scan, pack, seal and print labels directly on to a wide variety of Sharp polybags for effortless sorting and shipping.

Sharp bagging machines are designed and built with off-the-shelf parts and standard Allen-Bradley PLC, design to easily integrate with in-feeds, conveyors or robotics for a fully automated packaging environment.

Direct-to-box Air Packaging

If air-filled protection is your bag, then our On-Demand Inflatable Systems can deliver high quality sustainable film air pillows and cushioning direct to the conveyor line via over-head hoppers or online delivery straight into the box! You can choose from a wide range of air pillow patterns, sizes and hybrid cushioning, making boxing and unboxing a breeze for your customers.


You’re One Step Away from Sustainable Packaging

Your fulfilment process is ready, so all you need now is your sustainability factor! Our factory automation engineers are on hand to provide you with a full consultancy service and to show you how easy it is to integrate a new eco-friendly packaging solution seamlessly into your conveyor system, or create a bespoke solution using any one of our user-friendly solutions.

If you would like to integrate eco-friendly packaging into your automated conveyor system please contact us today. We can provide a free audit to assess your requirements and help you to transform and improve your current packing operations.

For more information on all of our eco-friendly packaging systems contact us.